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Alberta letter-writing actions

Thursday, February 1 @ 8:00 am Sunday, March 31 @ 5:00 pm

Alberta letter writing actions

Templates for writing letters to Alberta politicians.

Thank you for your interest in using our letter templates. The hope is this makes it easier to send a volume of letters that reflects the importance and urgency of the matters at hand.

The letters are named based one the intended recipient type (i.e Government) and the nature of the letter’s content.

These letters have been submitted by folks just like yourself who have taken time to express the thoughts, perspectives, and information that communicate Alberta does not want these anti-trans policies. No credit or attribution is required, please feel free to edit, adjust and personalize these letters as you see fit.

The purpose is to share some of the heavy lifting in the composition process so we can focus on making our voices heard by the volume and relentlessness of our opposition.


Before sending one of these letters, please change the bolded text. It is currently just a placeholder for your personal information and the recipients’ information.

Because copy-and-pasted letters get flagged as form letters, it’s most effective to rewrite sections of the letter or add your own text. A quick way to do this is with the assistance of AI such as ChatGPT (see below for instructions), or QuillBot (do one paragraph at a time if you don’t have premium).

It’s also encouraged to add any followup requests or expectations – ie. “As a constituent in your riding I hope to hear back from you in response to this letter. I will be following up in 10 business days to confirm that you have received my letter and acknowledged my explicit opposition to the policies being implemented.”

Finally, please share these letters with others and encourage them to send them as
well! We know the small group of supporters for this policy plans to continue being loud in their support. We have an advantage in numbers but we need to make sure this is
represented by matching and exceeding their efforts to represent the public opinion.

Who to contact

It’s advisable to use discretion on who to contact based on the content and nature of the letter. If you are contacting a UCP MLA, also BCC an NDP MLA so they are receiving notice of the correspondence for tracking purposes.

ChatGPT Instructions To Rewrite Letters

There are a number of ways to use ChatGPT to assist you in letter-writing.

Provide Original Writing

Share a piece of your original writing you want analyzed. Clearly state any specific tone, style, or voice preferences for the analysis.

Submit Letter for Rewriting

Copy and paste the letter body, asking it to be rewritten in the tone and voice of the previous piece. Include any content preferences or exclusions for the rewritten version.

Reference Analysis Findings

Incorporate findings from the analysis when requesting the rewrite. Mention specific points or features highlighted in the analysis that should be reflected in the rewritten piece.

Review and Provide Feedback:

Review the rewritten piece, provide feedback, and communicate any desired modifications. Then, iterate the process.

If you know of more letter writing actions and events we can publish here, please email 1MVFI.